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The Administration of ZSMU held a series of meetings with foreign students

On the 25th of February Rector of ZSMU had a traditional meeting with foreign students where he discussed the political situation in Ukraine and the measures that the Administration of the University takes to provide proper academic activity and guarantee the safety of foreign students. But foreign students want to be aware of recent events in the Crimea and in the country. So the Administration decided to hold additional meetings for the students concern with the situation.

On the 4th and 9th of March Rector of ZSMU, Professor Yu.M. Kolesnyk, Pro-rector for international relations M.O. Avramenko, Dean of the International faculty No.1 D.I. Dochynets and Dean of the International faculty No.2 I.V. Melnyk met with the heads of foreign students’ communities, leaders of courses and hostels. It was stated that the safety and favorable study environment of foreign students are among the priorities of the University. The cooperation with law-enforcement authorities and contacts with communities heads and leaders has its positive impact.

On the 17th of March  Zaporozhye deputy mayor YuriiKaptiuhand deputy chief of city law-enforcement authorities AndriiDolynnii had a meeting with foreign students of ZSMU. Heads of foreign students’ communities and leaders of groups, courses and hostels, which are the representatives of more than 1800 foreign students of ZSMU were present at the meeting.

Colonel AndriiDolynnii discussed with the students the situation in Zaporozhye and the measures taken by the law-enforcement authorities to guarantee the safety of foreign citizens. He also asked students to maintain discipline in the University and act in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation.

YuriiKaptiuh and AndriiDolynnii answered the questions of foreign students and asked them to inform the city law-enforcement authorities about all conflict situations.

The Rector, Pro-rector and Deans wished the heads of the communities to inform all foreign students about the importance of maintaining discipline according to the University regulations, the Ukrainian legislation and keep in touch with the Administration of ZSMU.

More than 1800 foreign citizens from 42 countries who are members of 40 foreign students’ communities study at the University.

ZSMU diploma is recognized by Medical Board of California

Good news came from California: Medical Board reviewed documentation submitted by Zaporozhye State Medical University. The Board has determined that Zaporozhye State Medical University meets the criteria for recognition of the medical education.

Graduates of ZSMU are now eligible to apply for a California Postgraduate Training Authorization Letter (PTAL) or a Physician’s and Surgeon’s Certificate.

The Board will add Zaporozhye State Medical University to its list of recognized medical schools. 

ZSMU diploma is recognized in Palestine

The diploma of Zaporozhye State Medical University has been recognized by Palestinian National Authority. The University is entered in the list of higher educational institutions officially accredited by Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

New status of ZSMU in TEMPUS project

Medical Education Center is established at ZSMU in the frames of TEMPUS project.

Training of tutors in the frames of TEMPUS project

The second stage of Tempus project (practical realization of PBL methods) has started.

ZSMU delegation in Wroclaw Medical University in Poland.

At the end of January the delegation of ZSMU consisting of Rector Kolesnyk Yu. M., Pro-rector for scientific work Tumanskii V. O. and Pro-rector for scientific-pedagogic work and international relations Avramenko M.O. visited Wroclaw Medical University in Poland.

The University is staffed with highly-qualified scientific and pedagogical workers:

There are 615 lecturers at the University in 2013: about 104 Doctors of Sciences and about 407 Candidates of Sciences. 66 Professors and 152 Associate Professors work at the University; one Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 46 members of International Academies of Sciences and International Scientific Societies, 8 Honorary Science and Engineering Workers of Ukraine, 1 Honorary worker of Higher School of Ukraine, 4 State Prize Winners, 6 Prize Winners of the Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences, 1 Prize Winner of National Academy of Sciences and Medical Academy of Sciences named after V.P. Komisarenko, 1 Prize Winner of the President of Ukraine, 2 Prize Winner of the Cabinet of Ministry of Ukraine, 3 Honorary Physicians of Ukraine are among them.

Zaporozhye State Medical University is a self-governing, modern, multiprofile higher educational institution

Zaporozhye State Medical University (a legal successor of Zaporozhye Medical Institute under the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 820 of 12.12.1994) is a self-governing, modern, multiprofile higher educational institution accredited in compliance with the

decision of State Certification Commission.

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